Table of Contents: Issue 3

Multiplicity Magazine Issue 3 - Starting Over

Table of Contents
Issue 3: Spring/Summer 2021


Serial Rebooting
Andrea Hansell advances through the eras in a series of footwear, seeking the perfect fit.

Making it Home
Jacqueline Lowe journeys back to an unlikely place to ring the bells of a new family life.

The Only Game I’m Good At
Natalia Macewicz
seeks release from heartbreak in the pub-packed streets of a distant city.

Blood and Guilt
Will McMillan works hard at saving souls, while fearing for his own. 

A Certain Kind of Hope
Lisa Novick struggles to plant the seeds of change in the affluent zip codes of southern California.

Once Husband
Heidi Fettig Parton receives a memento from her son’s childhood—and her first marriage—that changes her view of the past.

What I Choose Now
Brad Snyder worries he doesn’t measure up, until unexpected news prompts him to take another look.   

Don’t Tell the Shark
Kelechi Ubozoh uncovers a hidden truth about a magnetic best friend and makes a life-changing decision.

Salting the Toronjas
Mydalis Vera carries her mother’s hunger for her ancestral island home.

Among the Rocks and Weeds
Bill Vernon follows a tree-lined trail after a thunderstorm and finds a distant past.

Guitar Lesson, 1984
Mary Zelinka has an astonishing encounter that changes her perspective.



Merryn Rutledge finds an answer to a vexing problem just when she needs it.

Smut/Beauty: Three Poems
Heather M.F. Lyke
refuses to keep her sexuality—or her writing—tucked under a table.

Weigh Up
Anne Pinkerton
reflects on the symbol of her marriage and what it feels like to let it go.

Piano Poems: A Trio
Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad
finds her way back to the instrument of her youth, with Chopin leading the way.



She Rises From the Water
By Adrian Hutapea

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