Multiplicity Magazine Submissions

Submitting to Multiplicity Literary Magazine

Submissions for the Spring Issue of Multiplicity Literary Magazine will open mid-November, 2021. The theme for our Spring Issue will be “At Any Age.”

When we open for magazine submissions, we will also be opening up for a new Quick Work series with the same theme. Quick Work submissions are flash essays or poems, 100 words or fewer. 

Multiplicity Literary Magazine publishes one issue annually, typically in in May. We consider submissions of short-form creative nonfiction (500-1,500 words), long-form creative nonfiction (1,500-5,000 words), poetry, flash nonfiction (up to 500 words) from established and emerging writers. We also accept original photography that relates to our issue theme.  We read submissions for each issue on the schedule given below.

Please see our About Multiplicity Magazine page for more details about the type of work we seek to publish.

We will not knowingly publish submissions that are slanderous, libelous, racist, sexist, ageist, or otherwise intentionally discriminatory or offensive. All works must be original and must not be subject to copyright restrictions. For each issue, the journal publishes one submission per selected author/artist. Once our final review is complete, our Editorial Board will notify each submitter of the status of their work.

Multiplicity Literary Magazine submissions must be sent in digital format via Submittable. Text submissions should be sent in a file format that can readily be edited on a computer (Microsoft Word and Google Doc are preferred).

Our literary magazine submission process is blind. Please do not include your name or other personally identifying information on any of the pages of your submission or in the file name. Do include a cover letter providing complete, accurate contact information for you.

Nonfiction submissions should be in Times New Roman or a similar serif font, 12 pt, with one-inch margins all around. Please paginate and include the title of the work on each page. All work should be carefully proofread (ideally out loud) before it is submitted.

Poetry submissions may include up to five poems per issue; stanzas should be single spaced and there should be no more than one poem per page.

Photographs should be original, royalty-free, and thematically relevant to Multiplicity’s mission and preferred topics. They should be submitted in a format that can be displayed on a Web page and opened in Photoshop. JPG and PNG are preferred. Submitted images should not include vectors or layers.

See our Usage Rights page for information about the rights we request upon publication.

Submissions are reviewed by our Editorial Board. We reserve the right to edit all submissions for accuracy and consistency. Each submission is edited according to the spelling, grammar, and punctuation conventions of American English; we follow the conventions detailed in the Chicago Manual of Style.  In its editing, Multiplicity Magazine strives to preserve each submitter’s unique voice and artistic intent over absolute grammatical or idiomatic correctness. A style sheet  is available upon request.

Submission Deadlines:

  • Reading Period for Spring 2022 At Any Age Issue:  November 15, 2021-February 14, 2021  |  Expected publication May 2022