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Borders, Boundaries and Belonging

Spring 2020 Special Double Issue

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Borders: Separating and Joining

The Two Worlds of Bill De La Rosa
By Mel Allen

Finding Hope & Humanity at the Border
By Jennifer De Leon

Reading ‘Us’
By Mia Gallagher

On Being Saved
By Áine Greaney

Your First Deployment: A Primer for Disaster-Relief Newbies
By Yi Shun Lai

Boundaries: Moments in Life

Terminal Love
By Jodie Baker

Two Minutes
By Shahnaz Habib

Can I Just Walk Backward?
By Dinty W. Moore

The Hope Cure: Negotiations with the Peri-fog
By Nuala O’Connor

Second-Hand Past
By Abigail Thomas

Belonging: Connecting and Disconnecting

How Many Have Me
By Wren Bellavance-Grace

Ode to the Ludlow Street Café
By Sari Botton

I Had an Aunt for Three Years
By Susan Ito

The Silence We Keep
By Karol Jackowski

Upstairs Love
By Lisa Romeo

Belonging: Inclusion and Exclusion

No More Fairy Tales
By Leanna James Blackwell

Owning Kobe
By Sophfronia Scott

by Suzanne Strempek Shea

Why We Play
By Kate Whouley

Poetry of Borders, Boundaries & Belonging

Five Poems in Spanish & English by María Luisa Arroyo

otro mito de la creacion/another creation myth
arrancar/arrancar: to yank
la diosa de las artes/the goddess of the arts
la diosa de las encarceladas/the goddess of the incarcerated

Four Poems by Charles Coe

Night Birds
Love in the Time of Corona

Three Poems by Deborah Kaufman

A Father’s Work

Three Poems by Jane Yolen

Finishing a Poem
Walking Through Time
Escaping Bonn

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