Issue 2

Multiplicity Magazine Fall 2020 Issue 2-Work

Fall 2020


Keeping Bees
Loree Griffin Burns documents the work of a committed beekeeper and a daring bee rescue.

Listening to the Sound of Dust
Devin Donovan relives the big mistake he made on his last day of a summer job.

Metals and Memories
L’Tanya Durante unearths a surprising link between her father’s work and her own.

Stirring the Pot
Janine Fondon journeys back to Jamaica to honor her grandmother’s way of working.

In Spite of Negative Consequences
Nina Gaby indulges in convenience-store comfort after a rough day at work.

Unsex Me Here
Sue Hann uncovers her patients’ deepest secrets—and her own Catholic school past.

Leaving Cap Haïtien
Kate Gonzalez Long discovers beauty and connection on a work trip to Haiti.

The Dharamshala Sun: What Time Means to Women
Anandi Mishra ventures far from family tradition, with her mother at her side.

My First Job
Elizabeth Peavy ignores her father’s sound advice and follows a riskier path.

Leaving the Bitch Behind
Lisa Poulson makes a splash arriving—and departing—the Silicon Valley jungle.

Helping Hands
Ellie Spencer reveals a private ritual that helps her in her daily work.

Just Another Salaryman on A Tokyo Train
Shinichi Terada navigates the tricky social obligations that accompany his first reporting job.

A Special Edition Life
Krystina Wales fights for time, her family, and herself amid a global crisis.

Work History
Rhianna Webb searches for decades to find her ideal job.


A Working Sonnet
Fredric Hildebrand praises the human value of honest labor. 

Three Street Poems
D.S. Maolalai 
imagines the inner lives of men on the job. 

Being Small and Broke
Abigail Mitchell 
struggles to provide service with a smile. 

I See the Figure 5 on Edge
Carol Munro 
turns a bold work of art into compelling words. 

Three Poems from Village: Recession
Jo Pitkin 
considers capitalism, feminism, and the importance of T-squares.

All-Purpose Poem with Stain Remover
Judith Sanders  
chases a poem and still gets the laundry done.


Six Photographs of International Workers
By Allen Koshewa

By James MacDonald

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