Six Photographs of International Workers

By Allen Koshewa

man dying cloth in a bucket
Dyeing Cloth, Jaipur, India
man with egg cartons balanced on his bike
Egg Seller, New Delhi, India
man carrying giant net over his shoulder
Man Carrying Net, Gyeiktaw, Myanmar
woman sifts fish from a basket
Woman Sifting Fish, Gyeiktaw, Myanmar
man in sweatshop at sewing machine
Sweatshop, Shanghai, China
workers on scaffolding around a tall building
Workers and Scaffolding, Shanghai, China

Allen Koshewa, an educator by profession, is also a writer and photographer. His photographs were exhibited in London in 2019 as part of the London Photo Festival, and recently two of his photos were featured in Wild Roof Journal. Allen showcases selected photos on his blog at