About Multiplicity Magazine

Multiplicity: a: the quality or state of being multiple or various; b: the number of components in a system

Multiplicity Magazine, the literary journal of the MFA in Creative Nonfiction at Bay Path University, celebrates the variety and range of the human experience in contemporary literature. We publish personal essays, narrative nonfiction, profiles, and flash nonfiction. We are especially interested in work by writers who live or have lived and worked outside the literary mainstream. Women. BIPOC writers. Immigrants and international writers. Veterans. Activists. Writers from LGBTQ communities. Crisis workers. Working-class writers. Anyone who has a story that needs to be heard.

Some of the topics we’re passionate about: the human body, gender, culture and language, mental health and trauma, the medical journey, the environment, family histories, stories that connect people and place. We invite you to submit in these areas, and also to share your own passions and interests with us. (You might be writing about something that is unknown to us. If you think we need to know about it, send it! We’re all about discovery.)

We publish sparkling and insightful creative nonfiction. We also publish photography in every issue. We will announce themed issues with the understanding that we hope you will apply every theme liberally. Across all categories, we seek multiple  perspectives and fresh insights on common experiences. We want to learn something new, or think about something old in a way that makes it new again. We want to know you and the world around you.

The world teems with a multiplicity of stories. What is yours?

The Multiplicity Team

Multiplicity Magazine and Multiplicity Blog are the products of a lively and committed team effort. We are fortunate to  have a talented, diverse group of individuals who have come together to share their creativity and skills as writers, editors, artists, social media marketers, and technical specialists. The collaborative contributions of this wonderful group give Multiplicity its multifaceted richness.

Editorial Committee: Leanna James Blackwell, Kate Whouley, Suzanne Strempek Shea, Shahnaz Habib, Charles Coe, Susan Ito, Maria Smith, Kara Noble

Volunteers: Jodie Baker, Mary-Warren Bartlett, Karen Bellavance-Grace, Erin Binney, Freda Brackley, Christine Brooks, Andy Castillo, L’Tanya Durante, Casey Lane, Vana Nespor, Kim MacQueen, Suellen Meyers, Melina Rudman, Lisa Werhan

See our Submission Guidelines page for guidelines about how to submit your work. See our Usage Rights page for details about the rights we request upon publication.