Secrets of the Deep by Fabrice Poussin

Secrets of the Deep

By Fabrice Poussin From the Photographer: There is nothing more awe inspiring than the wonders and power of the earth, which grants us the privilege of its nurturing for but a few decades. This image, like so many taken in the vicinity of Yellowstone Park, […]

Mysterious Girl by Jenee Rodriguez

Mysterious Girl

By Jenee Rodriguez I adore a mystery.Now, at 26,I never felt more like one in my life. My past is in the clear water,and I say thank you each dayfor the things I thought aboutat 16, 18, 20, 21. Mistakes have become memories,some universal heartbreaks,some […]

Three Poems by Austin Metze

Three Poems by Austin Metze

Looking down By Austin Metze Leaning in over the swamp’s edgeI’m drawn to an anomaly—intensely dark pulsing water,like an oil spill in the shape of an archipelago;Long Island viewed from 10,000 feet,early morning commuters beginning to stir. A mass of frog embryos,having just crossed over […]

My Bones Are Blue by Amber Pierson

My Bones Are Blue

By Amber Pierson My bones are blue, creaking andClacking as I amble my way throughLife, twisting and turning, upside downAnd backwards. My blood is green,Sloshing and toxic, poisonous, seepingThrough my skin, burning any handsThat reach too close. My heart is gray,Melancholy, thump, bump, beating,Beating in […]

Slip Sliding Away by Pat LaPointe

Slip Sliding Away

By Pat LaPointe Before every holiday, we’d have what my family called the “boob hunt.” Sounds perverse, but it’s not. It was all about my mom’s famous fried chicken. Mom believed every holiday should include a dish that celebrated our heritage. While we appreciated the […]

Finding You by Erin Hall

Finding You

By Erin Hall I come to you when I visit home. I press my index and middle fingers into my lips, and gently touch them against the smooth marble edge. I tell you about the traffic—so many idiots in the left lane, it would have […]

Chasing Rainbows by Van Lanigh

Chasing Rainbows

By Van Lanigh From the Photographer: Inspired by great masters such as Vrubel and Monet, Van Lanigh creates figurative and landscape pieces. Her unique style is a reaction to abstractionism, an attempt to capture surrealistic yet casual reality. The series “Chasing Rainbows” is about the […]